Tanya Zuckerbrot CEO
Founder of F-Factor

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo Cordelia Dress
Tanya Zuckerbot, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian, CEO & Founder of F-Factor
Great Neck, NY
Currently In:
Favorite Book:
Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Song to Dance to:
One Kiss - Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa
Favorite City:

Photography Sofia Alvarez / Wearing Ronny Kobo Shakira Top


Q1: If your business/career could speak, what would it say?

Life’s too short to settle for anything less than your personal best.

Q2: How do you balance your professional and personal life?

I can’t say I really do; my professional life and personal life have always been so intertwined. When you’re a business owner, who built your business from the ground up, your business is a part of you. My business is part of who I am; it’s something I feel like I never truly disconnect from. Sometimes when I'm home with my family I struggle to be 100% present, and there are times when I'm at the office, when i’m wishing I were home with them.

Q3: What is one boss move you have made throughout your career that you are most proud of?

There was a point in time where my company was cash strapped, and I had an offer for a significant cash infusion, but it came with a lot of strings, including a minority ownership of my company. Despite needing the capital, I turned the offer down because I was not ready to lose control of my company.

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo Cordelia Dress


Q1: How do you relate to Ronny Kobo as a woman and how does the brand speak to you?

Ronny and I are both entrepreneurs who founded our own companies and are passionate about how our brands make our clients feel. Ronny and I also both share a passion for travel and love our girlfriends fiercely.

When I wear Ronny Kobo I feel sexy, confident and fashionable. Her pieces are very fashion forward.

Q2: Where is your favorite spot to step out with your girls?

Le bilboquet for lunch, Cipriani Downtown for dinner.

Q3: How do you define sexy?

Happy girls are the prettiest, Happy and confident girls are the sexiest.

Q4: What is one thing you are insecure about, and how do you work to overcome it?

My fear of failure, it haunts me. I’m a perfectionist and have really high standards for myself and others. As far as overcoming it, that’s where cocktails come in.

Q5: In a sisterhood/friendship, what is the one thing you find most important to maintain a healthy and strong relationship?

Loyalty, compassion and humor.