Tanya Zuckerbrot CEO
Founder of F-Factor                                                                                                                    

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo Cordelia Dress
Name: Tanya Zuckerbot, MS, RD
Occupation: Registered Dietitian, CEO & Founder of F-Factor
Hometown: Great Neck, NY
Currently In: NYC
Favorite Book: Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now
Favorite Movie: Mahogany
Favorite Song to Dance to: One Kiss - Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa
Favorite City: Florence

Photography Sofia Alvarez / Wearing Ronny Kobo Shakira Top


If your business/career could speak, what would it say?

Life’s too short to settle for anything less than your personal best.

How do you balance your professional and personal life?

I can’t say I really do; my professional life and personal life have always been so intertwined. When you’re a business owner, who built your business from the ground up, your business is a part of you. My business is part of who I am; it’s something I feel like I never truly disconnect from. Sometimes when I'm home with my family I struggle to be 100% present, and there are times when I'm at the office, when i’m wishing I were home with them.

What is one boss move you have made throughout your career that you are most proud of?

There was a point in time where my company was cash strapped, and I had an offer for a significant cash infusion, but it came with a lot of strings, including a minority ownership of my company. Despite needing the capital, I turned the offer down because I was not ready to lose control of my company.

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo Cordelia Dress


How do you relate to Ronny Kobo as a woman and how does the brand speak to you?

Ronny and I are both entrepreneurs who founded our own companies and are passionate about how our brands make our clients feel. Ronny and I also both share a passion for travel and love our girlfriends fiercely.

When I wear Ronny Kobo I feel sexy, confident and fashionable. Her pieces are very fashion forward.

Where is your favorite spot to step out with your girls?

Le bilboquet for lunch, Cipriani Downtown for dinner.

How do you define sexy?

Happy girls are the prettiest, Happy and confident girls are the sexiest.

What is one thing you are insecure about, and how do you work to overcome it?

My fear of failure, it haunts me. I’m a perfectionist and have really high standards for myself and others. As far as overcoming it, that’s where cocktails come in.

In a sisterhood, what is the one thing you find most important to maintain a healthy and strong relationship?

Loyalty, compassion and humor.