Tinamarie Clark
Author, speaker and creator of the Shift Stirrer Method

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Yardn Dress

Tinamarie Clark is a mother, model, and author of the Shift Stirrer method. She guides people through her Shift Stirrer Method (SSM)™ a five S method to get your sh*t together and shift your perception. This method is designed to transform negative thought patterns, also known as stir stories™ into more empowering ones, what she coins shift stories.

She draws on Magic In The Mundane™ moments and Own Your Awful™ stories to reveal the lessons and transformative power in our everyday experiences. She curates conversations for others to share their own stir stories™, leading them to the edge of their evolution. Learn more at www.shiftstirrer.com.

Tinamarie Clark
Author, speaker and creator of the Shift Stirrer Method
Souderton, Pennsylvania
Currently In:
New York City
Favorite Book:
The Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer
Favorite Movie:
Pretty Woman
Favorite Song to Dance to:
You Can Do it - Ice Cube
Favorite City:
New York City

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Siella


Q1: If your business/career could speak, what would it say?

It would say thank you to all of the brave humans that do the work!

Q2: How do you balance your professional and personal life?


Q3: What is one boss move you have made throughout your career that you are most proud of?

Writing my book

Photography: Sofia Alvarez / Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Yarden Dress


Q1: How do you relate to Ronny Kobo as a woman and how does the brand speak to you?

Do you have an hour? Ronny is a rare breed of human. Her loyalty, grit, and soulfulness is magnetic. Her designs reflect her girls-girl mentality, she wants everyone to look and feel fabulous.

Q2: Where is your favorite spot to step out with your girls?

Anywhere that is playing dirty rap.

Q3: How do you define sexy?

Confident, soft, and authentic

Q4: What is one thing you are insecure about, and how do you work to overcome it?

Writing and spelling always bring up a lot for me. I’ve learned to “own my awful” by accepting that grammar and spelling just aren’t things that come easy to me. I often laugh at my errors and keep it moving.

Q5: In a sisterhood/friendship, what is the one thing you find most important to maintain a healthy and strong relationship?

I call my close relationships “Soulships” - relationships of the soul. Trust is key in sharing my inner world.

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